Executive 2020-2021
Leslie Heusdens Past President
Allan Greene President
Jeff Jardine Vice President
Elizabeth Kennedy-Lord Treasurer
Mary Ann McMahon Public Representative

Investigation Committee

To be appointed

Hearing Committee

To be appointed

CE/Competence Assessment

Michelle Wyand


Pharmacy Endowment Fund Advisory Commitee- Dalhousie

Mary-Ellen Rennie
Allan Greene

Practice Experience Committee- Dalhousie

Michelle Wyand -Registrar

Standards of Practice for Pharmacists Prescribing

Ryan Murphy (Chair)
Jeanine McQuaid
Yolande McGeoghegan
Lindsay Policelli
Johanna Stephens
Angela MacDougall

NAPRA Representation

NAPRA Voting Delegate

Michelle Wyand

National Advisory Committee on Pharmacy Practice (NACPP)

Michelle Wyand


Canadian Council on Continuing Education in Pharmacy

Michelle Wyand

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