What to Expect

Knowing what to expect when you visit your pharmacy will allow you to get the most out of your experience.

You should expect:

  • To be treated with respect;
  • To have your personal health information protected;
  • To have the pharmacist speak with you privately, if you request, to discuss your health and medications;
  • To be able to ask the pharmacist questions about your health and medications;
  • To be able to discuss any concerns you have with your pharmacy experience with the pharmacist or pharmacy manager.

There are a series of steps that are followed every time you have a prescription filled at your pharmacy. The pharmacist will review your prescription and profile to ensure that:

  • The information provided by the prescriber is complete;
  • The medication, strength and dosage instructions are appropriate for your condition;
  • The prescription does not interact with other medications you are taking;
  • You are not allergic to the medication;
  • Your medications are working as they should, and you are not experiencing any problems.

The pharmacist will provide you with education on the medication including:

  • The name of the medication;
  • What the medication is for;
  • The directions for use;
  • Common side effects and their management;
  • Potential drug interactions;
  • How soon to expect the medication to work;
  • What to do if you miss a dose;
  • How to store your medication;
  • When to follow up with your health care professional.
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