Renewal as a provisional pharmacy technician

Provisional registrants may renew their registration once, giving them opportunity to complete all the requirements for registration as a general pharmacy technician. Registration as a provisional pharmacy technician is for a one year period, with the option to renew once for an additional one year period.


The requirements for provisional registration renewal are set out in the Pharmacist and Pharmacy Technician Regulations.

Provisional registrants who wish to renew their registration must contact the PEICP office.

Registrants will declare that they have:

  1. Demonstrated currency of professional knowledge and skills.
  2. Ensured their personal professional liability insurance is current and that evidence has been submitted to PEICP by uploading their certificate to the registrant profile;
  3. Ensured that they have a current preceptor/site approval form confirming the continuation of a training agreement with a preceptor.


Registrants will access a fee invoice through the registrant profile. Renewals are not considered complete until all required documentation is received and fees are paid. Fees are non-refundable.

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