Days Supply Limits

Updated May 22, 2020

Pharmacy professionals in PEI are beginning to report improvements in the drug supply issues which triggered the decision to recommend 30-day supply limits in March 2020. Wholesalers have also indicated a stabilization in inventory allowing for more consistent fulfillment of pharmacy orders. Therefore, effective Friday May 22, 2020, pharmacies may begin to dispense prescription quantities as prescribed and where the pharmacy inventory permits.

Pharmacy professionals are reminded of their professional responsibility as stewards of the drug supply chain. Prescriptions should not be refilled unreasonably early and should be filled for a maximum 3-month supply, except in exceptional circumstances where it is in the patient’s best health interest to do otherwise. The College will continue to monitor the drug supply and the impacts that COVID may have in the coming months as disruptions in the manufacturing of pharmaceuticals from China and India are fully realized in Canada.

The College recognizes the decision to implement dispensing limits created challenges for the public and pharmacy professionals. The College would like to extend its gratitude to those continuing to provide services and assist patients in navigating drug supply issues during this difficult time. The College also greatly appreciates the patience and understanding of the public when visiting their pharmacies.

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