College policies, practice standards and directives

Pharmacy operations policies

PO.01Temporary Closures

PO.02Professional Library Requirements-Guidelines

Registration Policies

RP.01Practice Experience Policy 

Personal Professional Liability Insurance Policy – Updated June 2023

Criminal Record Check Policy

  Pharmacy Manager Requirements

– Students and Provisional Registrants Administering Injections

Resignation Resumption and Return to WorkUpdated June 2023

– Application Requirements EPC Drug Administration – Updated Sept 2023

RP.08 – Application Requirements – EPC Minor Ailments Approved – Repealed June 2023

RP.09 – Application Requirements EPC Dispensing Methadone  – Updated Sept 2023

RP.10 – Application Requirements –  EPC Travel Vaccine – Updated Sept 2023

RP.11RP11 CPR First Aid Requirements

RP.12CE PolicyUpdated June 2023

RP.13Preceptor Policy

RP.15 – Policy on English Language Proficiency

RP.16 – 
PACE Assessor Criteria

– Competency Exams Policy – Repealed June 2023

RP.18 –  PACE Policy

Practice Directives

Code of Ethics

Narcotic, Controlled and Targeted Drug Reconciliation
National Vaccine Storage and Handling Guidelines 2015

Pharmacist Prescribing

Practice Directives Prescribing of Drugs by PharmacistsUpdated June 2023
Pharmacist Prescribing Notification Form
Pharmacist Monitoring Results Notification Form

Drug Administration

Administration of Drugs-Practice Directive – Updated Sept 2023
Patient Consent Immunization Record
Patient Injection Administration Record
Chief Provincial Health Office Immunization Record Form

Injection Decision Tool – Pharmacy Technicians – Updated August 2023
Injection Decision Tool – Pharmacists Updated August 2023


Opioid Agonist Maintenance Treatment Practice Directive for Community Pharmacies
Methadone Prescription Fax Form

Standards of Practice

Language Proficiency Requirements for Licensure as a Pharmacist in Canada

NAPRA Model Standards of Practice for Canadian Pharmacists

NAPRA Model Standards of Practice for Canadian Pharmacy Technicians

Pharmacy Practice Management Systems: Requirements to Support NAPRA’s Model Standards of Practice for Canadian Pharmacists

Pharmacy Practice Management Systems: Supplemental Requirements on Traceability and Bulk Preparation Labelling to Support NAPRA’s “Model Standards of Practice for Canadian Pharmacists” and “Model Standards for Pharmacy Compounding”

Supplemental Standards of Practice for Schedule II and III Drugs – June 2005

NAPRA Model Standard for Pharmacy Compounding of Non-Sterile Preparations

PEI College of Pharmacy Guidance Document for Compounding of Non-Sterile Preparations

Implementation Framework -UPDATED MARCH 24, 2020

Frequently Asked Questions-Non-Sterile Compounding

NAPRA Model Standards of Practice for Continuous Quality Improvement and Medication Incident Reporting by Pharmacy Professionals

Medication Incident Reporting in PEI: Guidance for Pharmacy Professionals

Professional Memos

Therapeutic Substitution
Pharmacy Practice Management Systems: Requirements to Support NAPRA’s Model Standards of Practice for Canadian Pharmacists


Guidance for Centralized Prescription Filling

MAID Guidance for Pharmacists and Pharmacy Techncians

Record Retention-Electronic Storage of Prescriptions

Policy for Pharmacy Professionals Dispensing or Selling Naloxone

Guidance Document for Pharmacists and Dealers Licensed to Destroy Narcotics, Controlled Drugs or Targeted Substances: Handling and Destruction of Post-consumer Returns Containing Narcotics, Controlled Drugs or Targeted Substances

Guidance Document for Pharmacists, Practitioners and Persons in Charge of Hospitals: Handling and Destruction of Unserviceable Stock Containing Narcotics, Controlled Drugs or Targeted Substance

Controlled substances guidance for community pharmacists: security, inventory reconciliation and record-keeping

Position Statement: Pharmacy Professionals’ Roles and Responsibilities Regarding Cannabis

Guidance for Pharmacy Managers When Ending a Patient Relationship

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