Changes to a pharmacy

A pharmacy owner or managing pharmacist must notify the PEI College of Pharmacy whenever there is planned or realized change in the pharmacy, including:

  • Renovations
  • Relocations
  • Change in pharmacy staff
  • Change in pharmacy manager
  • Change in ownership or trade name of the pharmacy
  • Pharmacy closing


“Renovation” means a change in the location of the dispensary within the existing pharmacy location, or alterations to the dispensary so as to affect the diagram of the dispensary, including alterations that enable separating the dispensary from the larger premises (i.e. “lock and leave”). There can be no change in ownership, no transfer of files or records, and no change in the address of the pharmacy.
If a pharmacy owner/manager proposes to renovate his or her pharmacy, he or she will provide the PEI College of Pharmacy with a completed application form at least thirty days before the renovation date. The application can be found in the registrant profile of the pharmacy, for which the pharmacy manager has access.

The pharmacy will require a site assessment as soon as possible after completion of the renovation, which will be scheduled with the practice advisor. A Pharmacy Self-Assessment, which can be found within the Renovation Application, must be completed and submitted prior to the scheduled inspection. The inspection will not occur until the Pharmacy Self-Assessment and fees are submitted. 


“Relocation” means a change in the location of the premises within a convenient distance of the existing pharmacy but no change in ownership and no transfer of files or records.
If a permit holder/managing pharmacist proposes to relocate a pharmacy, he or she will provide the PEI College of Pharmacy with a completed application at least fifteen days before the relocation date. The application can be found in the registrant profile of the pharmacy.

A successful site assessment must be completed within thirty days of the relocation date. The inspection date will be scheduled in conjunction with the inspector. Prior to the assessment, a Pharmacy Self-Assessment of the new location must be completed by the pharmacy manager and submitted to the PEI College of Pharmacy. The fees associated with the relocation must also be submitted in advance. The pharmacy will not be assessed until the PEI College of Pharmacy has received the self-assessment and fees. 

The public must be effectively notified, by way of advertising/signage, of the location of the new premises and the date of the location change.

Change in Pharmacy Staff

Permit holders or the managing pharmacist are required to notify the College of any changes in the members who are employed or engaged to provide pharmacy services in the pharmacy. Pharmacy managers may log into the registrant profile for their pharmacy and edit the profile to make changes to staff, pharmacy hours, or contact information.

Change in Pharmacy Manager

Pharmacies change their pharmacy manager from time-to-time. Pharmacy managers must be eligible in accordance with the RP04 Pharmacy Manager Requirements An application to change the pharmacy manager may be submitted logging into the registrant profile of the pharmacy and submitting a Change in Pharmacist-in-Charge form along with the $60 fee. A new permit with the new pharmacy manager’s name will be printed and mailed to the pharmacy.

Change in Ownership/Closing a Pharmacy

Where a permit holder intends to cease operation of a pharmacy and or and issue ownership to another individual or corporation, the permit holder must notify the PEI College of Pharmacy by complete the Closing a Pharmacy form (see below) at least 30 days prior to closing and follow the procedure as outlined in the Pharmacy Closing Procedure.

The new owner/permit holder is required to complete a new Retail Pharmacy Permit Application.

Changes to a Permit

Pharmacy permit holders/pharmacy managers needing to make changes to the trade name or directors of the corporation, will need to complete the Pharmacy Permit Amendment Application, also located in the registrant profile of the pharmacy and submit to the College

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