CPR and first aid requirements

In accordance with RP.11 CPR/First Aid Requirements pharmacists and pharmacy technicians who hold an authorization to administer drugs are required to show evidence of CPR and First Aid certification at the time of application for the authorization and maintain the certification for the period of the authorization.  

The College does not specify or endorse a particular First Aid & CPR course provider. It is the responsibility of the applicant/registrant to ensure the course taken is equivalent to the St. John Ambulance, Canadian Heart and Stroke Foundation, Lifesaving Society, or the Canadian Red Cross by consulting with the course provider directly.  

CPR and First Aid courses must contain a component where a demonstration of skills for certification is required.  Blended programs where theory is learned online followed by a required demonstration component are acceptable.  

Applicants and registrants are encouraged to consult with employers to determine if certification requirements of their employment are greater than what is required for registration with the PEI College of Pharmacy.


First Aid

Certification in Emergency or Standard First Aid

Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) Certification

Minimum Certification Requirements –Minimum CPR certification requirements must be at CPR Level C or equivalent 


Recertification requirements and expiration date are in accordance with the certifying organization.  


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