Complaints and Discipline

The primary purpose of the College of Pharmacy is to protect and serve the public in all matters relating to the practice of pharmacy. This is accomplished through setting and maintaining standards for pharmacies, pharmacists and pharmacy technicians.

There may be times when members of the public feel that professional standards are not being met.

If you have a concern, first try speaking with your pharmacist. Sometimes, problems occur because there has been a misunderstanding between what you expect and what the pharmacist believes should be done for your care. A discussion will often resolve your concerns.

If the pharmacist in unable to resolve your concerns, or if you are not comfortable talking with the pharmacist, talk to the pharmacy manager or owner about your concerns.

If you are unable to resolve your concerns, or you do not feel it is appropriate to discuss with the pharmacist or pharmacy manager, you may contact the College to discuss your concerns. We will listen to your concerns and will seek to offer guidance or suggestions in resolving your situation.

If you are not satisfied with the care provided by a pharmacy, pharmacist or pharmacy technician, you may wish to file a formal complaint. Complaints must be received in writing using the College complaint form and must include as much detail as possible. You must sign the complaint form.

Please refer to the Complaints and Discipline Overview for more information on the process.

In accordance with section 82(1) of the Regulated Health Professions Act,82:

Publication of determination, order

(1) Subject to any publication ban ordered by a hearing committee under subsection 56(4), a council shall publish the following by any means it considers appropriate:

(a) an order of an investigation committee;

(b) a determination and order, if any, of a hearing committee

Complaint and Discipline Decisions:


For more information on complaints and discipline please contact the College:

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