Operating a pharmacy

In order to operate a pharmacy in Prince Edward Island, the pharmacy must have a permit issued by the PEI College of Pharmacy. The permit holder must appoint a pharmacist in the General class as managing pharmacist, that meets the eligibility requirements in accordance with the Pharmacy Manager Requirements Policy. Both the permit holder and managing pharmacist are jointly responsible for ensuring that the pharmacy is operated in compliance with the PEI Pharmacy Act and Regulations. The Pharmacy Act outlines the requirements for application and operations of a retail pharmacy.

Individuals or corporations wanting to open a new or newly acquired pharmacy must complete the Retail Pharmacy Permit Application at least 30 days prior to the proposed opening date. The applicant must be in good standing with the PEI College of Pharmacy, if the applicant is a member. If the applicant is a corporation, the corporation must be in good standing under the Canada Business Corporations Act, the Companies Act or the Extra-Provincial Corporations Registration Act and must provide a certificate of good standing.

An assessment will be scheduled within one week of the proposed opening date of the pharmacy. A self-assessment should be completed prior to the opening assessment with the College’s practice advisor. This gives pharmacy management an opportunity to address any deficiencies before the College’s opening assessment. Please refer to the forms below:

Minimum Library Requirements

In accordance with the PEI Pharmacy Act General Regulations, pharmacies operating in Prince Edward Island are required to maintain a reference library. Pharmacies are required to maintain references in each category outlined in the Minimum Library Requirements Policy.

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