Assessment program

The College’s assessment program includes both site assessments and practice assessments.

Routine site assessments focus on the practice site. This assessment is similar to an opening assessment for a new pharmacy. It ensures that pharmacy managers and owners continue to follow College standards.

Routine practice assessments give pharmacists the opportunity to review their practice with the College’s practice advisor. The process gives the pharmacist an opportunity to identify areas of practice which may need improvement to ensure optimal patient care.

The diagram below shows a general overview of the process. Please access the following document for more detail: Routine Assessment Process.

Routine assessment process

Pharmacy managers and pharmacists should review the Pre-Assessment Checklist. Any questions or concerns should be forwarded to the College at

Pharmacy managers and pharmacists can consult a copy of the actual assessment form used by the College Practice Advisor for routine assessments. The process is transparent. The Practice Advisor will use the criteria contained in the following form: Routine Site and Practice Assessment Form. A copy of the Assessment Action plan document is also available: Action Plan Post-Assessment.

The professional practice assessment criteria are focused on the key areas of pharmacy practice outlined in the NAPRA Model Standards of Practice for Canadian Pharmacists.

These areas include:

1. Expertise in medications and medication use

a. Patient Focused Care
b. Documentation
c. Drug Distribution
d. Professional Services
e. Continued Competence

2. Collaboration
3. Safety and quality
4. Professionalism and ethics.

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